Level One Elf Training – Complete

My main goal in life is to become some kind of fantasy warrior. I'd love to be a rogue or an elf specifically. So, to help me achieve my goal, I learned how to shoot arrows from horseback. First step was to practice the actual arrow shooting minus the horse. So, our instructors lined us … Continue reading Level One Elf Training – Complete


+10 to Blacksmithing – Forging my own weapon in Gifu

Japan is a country known for its beauty, as well as its deadliness. Ninjas, Samurai, Karate, these things are always what I think of, when someone mentions Japan. So, while I am here in this amazing country, I decided to get in on some of the action and become a Blacksmith for the day! This … Continue reading +10 to Blacksmithing – Forging my own weapon in Gifu