Hello there! You seem to have found my little corner of the internet. I bet you’re wondering who I am, and why I have set up here in said corner – well, wonder no more….

My name is Danielle and I spent the last 2 years of my life living in Kyoto, Japan. I was there teaching English and enjoying the craziness of the country. It all started as I was approaching graduation in 2014. I had done a degree in Education, but I knew I no longer wanted to work in a school in rainy England. So what should I do instead? I really had no idea. My brother was working as an English teacher in Japan, and had been doing so for the last two years. He was having the time of his life, and knowing that we were quite similar, I thought I might have the time of my life there too! So, I applied for the same company my brother worked for, went through all the interviews and applications, and finally got offered a job!


I’d never thought of living in Japan before, but I’d always loved travelling. Before this, I had spent summers and short breaks working in Portugal, Turkey, Nepal and the USA. I was always looking for my next adventure, and I found it hard to sit still for long. When I decided to move to Japan, I knew I would only stay one year, as there were still so many countries I wanted to visit. 2 years later, and I’m finally leaving. As of August 22nd I moved back to the UK to save money ready for my next adventure. Before I left though, I had 3 weeks backpacking in Vietnam, and a whole host of adventures planned in Japan itself!


I love finding different, and kooky experiences everywhere I go. As much as I love the big tourist draws, I also love people’s reactions when I tell them what I’ve been up to in their country. Like the time I went Blacksmithing in Gifu, or learnt how to shoot arrows from horseback near Toyko! These are the kind of travel days that I love!

Where to find me around the web:

Facebook  | https://www.facebook.com/geekgirlgoes/

Twitter | @geekgirlgoes

Instagram | @geekgirlgoes


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