Nerdy Nightlife – Robot Restaurant, Tokyo

Welcome to my brand new blog series – Nerdy Nightlife! As a lover of all things nerd, as well as all things drunk, I wanted to chronicle the best after-dark hangouts for all us travel nerds.


Robot restaurant tokyo shinjuku

This ticket actually did a great job summing up the night.

You think of Japan, you think of Tokyo. You think of Tokyo, you think of technology. You think of technology, you think of robots. And the best robot experience out there is definitely the Robot Restaraunt in downtown Tokyo!

I’d seen videos and pictures of this crazy place, and I knew as soon as I had a trip to Tokyo booked, this had to be on the top of my list. As a huge geek myself, the idea of spending my evening watching Robot’s dance around, and drinking beer sounded like perfection. The restaurant is located right in the heart of Tokyo, in Shinjuku – an area filled with bright lights and bars.

robot restaurant tokyo shinjuku

You need to buy your tickets to the show AT LEAST 30 minutes before the start time. If you can make it there earlier- even better. 30 minutes is the cut off for pre-reserved tickets, so plan your time accordingly. When buying your tickets, you can decide if you also want to eat during the show. The food provided is a simple bento-box meal, and we decided to eat before we got there. And anyway, you don’t come to places like this for the food.

robot restaurant tokyo shinjuku

Before the show had even started, we knew we were in for a great night. The decoration throughout the building was brilliantly gaudy, and we began our experience in the waiting room. This is where everyone enjoyed their first drink as we waited for the stage area to be prepped, and we were entertained by some jazz playing robot musicians.

robot restaurant tokyo shinjuku

Our jazz playing robots

The theatre is set out as a long strip of stage, with 4 rows of seats either side. The seats are pretty slim, but you do get a nice tray table to store you drinks or food. Before the show began, we were given a short safety talk, which involved a practice for the front 2 rows. They had to practice ducking under a long stick, as one of the staff waved it over their heads – apparently this was going to be essential for the actual show (and it was – there was a giant snake robot that soon replaced the stick).

robot restaurant tokyo shinjuku snake

And here is said snake in action

Then it began, and I had the most hilarious night of my life. We got to enjoy an epic battle between an evil witch and all the inhabitants of her world. We traveled to the jungle, under the sea, and had an epic last battle before Superman flew out over giant women who had scantily clad dancers driving them. During the interval, everyone was handed glow sticks, and we were all pumping them away during the closing number.

robot restaurant tokyo shinjuku

Me, my brother, and our glowsticks

A lot of laughing, dancing, pumping, and chu-hai later and it was all over. People sometimes complain about the amount of articles written about the weird and crazy things you can find in Japan – but honestly, those things are part of the reason I love it so much over here. The crazy is still crazy in Japan; but this is the only country that has so much of it!

Find out more about the restaurant at their website right here:

Robot restaurant tokyo shinjuku


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