My Liebster Award Post!

I was nominated for the lovely Liebster award recently! If you don’t know, this is an award that is passed around brand new bloggers like myself to help them get on their feet! I was nominated by Scrapbook Journeys, who runs a travel and lifestyle blog. I love reading her posts, and gazing at her amazing photos! After you’ve read this post – make sure to head on over and check out her blog too; thats what this award is all about after all!

She tasked us to write 10 facts about ourselves, so I stole the questions she used, and answered them myself! I hope you enjoy reading a little more about me, and why I blog!

What are 3 facts about yourself?

I’m a massive geek! Most people don’t believe me when I say this, but I spend my free time playing Magic The Gathering and watching Joss Whedon shows – so you can make your own minds up!

I can eat fire! Yep, I’m really that awesome. I learned how to do this, and loads of other cool tricks when I ran away with the circus!

I’ve only had 6 birthdays! I was born on a leap year, so my birthday only happens once every 4 years, so I can never actually grow old!

What is your blogs niche or focus?

I want to make it all about Geeky Travel. I’m always trying to find new and interesting experiences everywhere I go that link with my passion for everything geeky! Like when I learned how to shoot arrows from horseback, or made my own dagger!

Why did you start blogging?

I’ve always loved writing. When I was a teenager I would spend my nights writing angst-filled poetry. As the years went on, I continued to enjoy writing fiction, mostly based around worlds I loved from TV and books. Then, when I moved to Japan, I wanted to write about my time for my family to read back home. I soon discovered how much I loved doing this, and so started to put more time and effort into my blog.

What is your favourite city or country, and why?

Such a difficult question! Living in Kyoto for 2 years, I have fallen in love with the place. The people, the buildings, the temples – everything about it is beautiful. But, I also fell in love with the French Quarter in New Orleans, for much the same reason. I love a city with character, and with history. I fall in love with cities quite easily, so I can be a bit fickle!

What has been the most frustrating thing about starting and running your blog?

Well, the name caused me a lot of headaches! Trying to come up with something that really showed who I was, and what my blog was about took a long time. Also, trying to encourage people to visit my site and enjoy my writing! I just want everyone to share in my experiences!

What is one thing from home you crave while traveling?

Nandos sauces. Sorry to be so basic and predictable, but they are amazing. I used to put them on so much food! But I know as soon as I go back home, I’m going to miss so much of the food from here too!

What is your favourite travel item or product?

Once a day suncream. Such a godsend. I hate having to remember to reapply my sun protection throughout the day, so using this in the morning and being set for the day is perfect!

What is one major accomplishment you hope to achieve for your blog?

I’d love to work with sites such as Nerdist or Geek and Sundry, to write about geeky traveling. I’m always browsing their sites and youtube channels, and I’ve always dreamt of working with them!

If you could collaborate, partner, or work with one brand or company, who would it be and why?

I’d love to work with Playstation and do a series on game locations around the world. I could got to Cambodia (featured in Tomb Raider), and point out all the Final Fantasy inspired locations across Japan!

Which social media channel do you love the most and why?

I love Instagram. I could spends hours scrolling through everyones travel pictures, and imagining myself in the shots!

If you could travel to 3 new countries this year, where would you choose?

Well, I’m already going to Vietnam in July, so I won’t count that! I’d really like to visit Italy soon – my brother just spent his honeymoon there and made me super jealous. I’ve also always wanted to see the ruins of Pompeii. Australia is another big one I’ve always wanted to visit, such a beautiful country! But I am a little bit terrified of some the wildlife there! And for my final choice, I’m going to say Ireland. I’ve lived across the sea from it all my life, and have never made the trip – also, it’s where they filmed Game of Thrones so I can go and be a Stark for the day!


And now for the fun part! Here are my nominations for the Liebster award! Be sure to check out these awesome blogs and show them some love 🙂 And if you’ve been nominated – I want you to copy the above questions and tell me all about yourself and your blog!

1. Wander with Steffy
2. One Intrepid Life
3. ShaTaraTravel
4. Finding Bridget
5. Loved and Wanderlust

Below are the Official Rules of the Liebster Award:-

1. Write a blog post about your nomination. On your post, thank the person(s) who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.

2. Display the award on your blog by including it in your post and/or displaying it by using a widget or a gadget.

3. Share 10 Random facts about yourself or come up with questions for the nominees to answer.

4. Nominate 5 – 11 blogs that you feel deserve the award, with less than 1,000 followers.

5. List these rules in your post (You can copy and paste from here).

6. Inform the people you’ve nominated and provide them with a link to the Liebster post.


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