Nerdy Nightlife – Robot Restaurant, Tokyo

Welcome to my brand new blog series - Nerdy Nightlife! As a lover of all things nerd, as well as all things drunk, I wanted to chronicle the best after-dark hangouts for all us travel nerds.   You think of Japan, you think of Tokyo. You think of Tokyo, you think of technology. You think … Continue reading Nerdy Nightlife – Robot Restaurant, Tokyo


Exploring Hiroshima – Remembering Japan’s Recent History

Exploring Japan’s history is usually filled with castles, temples and shrines from a by-gone era, and with the beauty all around you, it can be easy to forget the country's more recent tragedies. I took a trip to Hiroshima recently to discover more about the effects of war on this island nation. Wherever you go, … Continue reading Exploring Hiroshima – Remembering Japan’s Recent History