KinkiComics – Wayward

As a geek living in Japan, being able to find a comic series that combines the two was pretty darn amazing. Step in; Wayward.

This series follows a young girl as she moves from her Father’s home in Ireland to her Mother’s home in Japan. Something that I really enjoyed about this series was how they actually depict Japan as a country. In a lot of TV, and books etc. Japan is shown as being this crazy and unpredictable world that is so far detached from our own. This simply isn’t true, and is why I love how it was shown in Wayward. Living here, you can really see the real, everyday Japan on the pages of this book.

More than this, the series features a number of traditional Japanese monsters- or Yokai. Now, I won’t talk about this too much, as I want to keep this nice and spoiler-free for everyone, but they are pretty cool. Throughout the series, we see a number of different yokai; some of which I’d seen before, and some that I hadn’t. But then, at the back of the book (if you buy them in volumes), the authors delve deeper into the mythology surrounding these creatures, which adds an interesting layer to the story.

Rori Lane is our heroine in this story, and finds herself a gang of talented friends to help her on her adventures. The characters and artwork in these books are stunning, layered, and intriguing. I blew through the first two volumes very quickly, and actually went straight back and read them again. Volume Three is released in May 2016, and I’ll be grabbing it on release day and indulging once again. I recommend you pick up the first two volumes (or the newly released deluxe book) and devour them before then, so you can join me in enjoying the next instalment.

My Score : 10/10


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