My Beach Heaven – Sugar Beach, Turkey

I am a beach lover. My dream relaxing vacation is lying on a sun bed, reading a good book, with a cocktail in my hand. Nowadays, most of my travelling stays away from beaches and relaxing, as I try to squeeze in as much culture as possible. But, there are days that I still wish I could fly off on a budget holiday somewhere and sunbathe for two weeks.


When I was working in Turkey, I found my dream beach. I only spent one day there, but I would happily go back again. This beach is called Sugar Beach, and its located in Oludeniz.

This beach is not technically a beach, as it doesn’t lead into the sea, but into a lake. The Blue Lagoon is a popular tourist spot in Oludeniz, but Sugar Beach is still a well kept secret- located on the opposite side of the lake. The sand is white and soft and slopes down into the astonishingly clear waters of the lake. Going for a paddle your likely to be joined by small schools of swimming fish, as they circle around your legs.

Relaxing is easy here as the sun beds are big wooden recliners with super comfy white cushions to sprawl out on. There’s also ‘table service’ here, and the staff will bring over beautifully fresh, and delicious cocktails right to your side.


Speaking of food and drink, the restaurant here is delicious. They serve everything you could dream of from breakfasts, salads, burgers, and seafood. And the cocktail selection is fantastic. They even have various performances at their restaurant on a regular basis.

If you want to explore a little more of the lagoon, there are pedalo’s you can hire, or you can go for a swim, as the water is still and safe. And, if you decide that one day simply isn’t enough for you, you can even rent a beach bungalow here. The bungalows look adorable, little wooden shacks painted bright colours and placed right on the sandy beach. In fact, the whole beach has been decorated with brightly coloured wood, and hand painted signs, giving it a caribbean feel all round.


Find it here:


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