Things I miss from home

Living in Japan is fantastic. I can honestly say its the best decision I’ve ever made moving here. But, despite all this, there’s still a lot of stuff that I miss from home. I’ve been spending the holidays at home this year – my first time back since I left – and it’s definitely reminded me of all the things I can’t have in Japan.

1. Family

10603607_1287435961282411_2573826164564052500_nOf course, this ones a given. Missing family is to be expected when you can’t hug them for a year or more. But, more so, has been the fact that the whole family has been together and celebrating Christmas and New Years. A total of 11 of us were sat around the table for Christmas dinner; laughing, drinking, eating and teasing Grandma. We followed this with a game of Catchphrase, and then Family Fortunes; which were accompanied with arguments and competitiveness. New Years was also a fab night. Watching Dad and Aunty Joanne getting drunk and dancing away to the classics, then coming home and having to get an ambulance for Grandma cause she fell out the taxi. Typical family stuff.

2. My Dog


Actually, I think I miss my dog slightly more than my family, but actually putting him above them in writing feels a little mean… With people, you can skype them whenever and see their faces; but with a dog, you can’t interact unless you’re face to face. When I came through the door, my dog was so excited to see me. He even slept in my bed with me that night. I felt so loved.

3. Food


Oh. My. God. Food. Don’t get me wrong, I love Japanese food, and I’m definitely not starving there, but nothing beats British food. While being home I’ve had a huge Christmas roast including; Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets, and stuffing (if you don’t know what any of those are. Google them right now.), as well as a whole host of family favourites cooked by my marvellous mum. Then, we visited my favourite restaurants too. Trust me when I say it took serious planning to fit all these meals into two weeks!

4. Clothes shopping

I never realised how good shopping can be in the UK. I think the biggest problem I have in Japan is that there’s only a few stores that carry my size (about a UK 14), and even then, they usually don’t stretch over my boobs (which are actually quite a few sizes larger than the rest of me…). But, back home, I’m the national average size (boobs excluded), so I can buy clothes everywhere. More choice means more clothes!

5. TV

Even though I can watch catch-up ’til my hearts content wherever I roam, watching it live feels so much better. I also miss having the ability to flick through the channels and find something random to watch is bliss. It’s nice and relaxing not having to think about what I want to watch, and just being a lazy bum, lying on the sofa and channel hopping.

So, these are my top 5 things I miss in Japan. But to counter this, there are 100s of amazing things in Japan that I miss in the UK! Both are fantastic countries, and I’m so happy to be a member of both of them!



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