Sense8 stream of consciousness episodes 5-9

This stream was over Saturday night then followed on Sunday morning. Enjoy!

Again, please be warned- spoilers ahead!

I’m back! Watched two episodes tonight, no great feat but it’s Saturday night gimme a break!
Episode 5-

Ok. Happy to be back. Ok. Wedding. Oh shit he’s naked. Fainting. Yeh that’s kind of it.

Good episode but not a lot of story development.
Episode 6:

So. There was an orgy. Okay. So that can happen- good to know. Why is she in prison, I love her! I hope they all work together so she can escape! Sun for the win!

I’m also loving that Nomi is trying to get to the root of the problem. No one else has had problems because of their talents except her so I’m glad that someone is doing something about it! I’m assuming though that this endeavor is going to get her in trouble. And I don’t know if I’ve been watching too much game of thrones but I have a very strong feeling that Martha from

Doctor who will die, and that is going to give her even more fight to defeat thee people. Who knows? Episode 7 tomorrow!


A Sunday hangover seems like the perfect situation for more binge watching!
Episode 7-

I’m so glad she’s back with her dad! Yay!

I actually had a heart attack when that Mexican wrestling guy appeared. He totally just stole her phone with the gay porn on it didn’t he? Oh shit.

I love amenitas mum. She’s so cool. Dead zombies in vans. Love it.

I’m really worried for the Indian girl. I feel like if she does get married to this guy, it’s going to turn bad really quickly. Ooo who was that in Riley’s house? Another sense8? I wonder why she doesn’t want her to be in Iceland…

Yep he has her phone.

Sun is totally gonna beat that chick up soon.

Drive by’s are terrifying. The blood and gore does seem pretty realistic though.

Oh shit. So he labotamises them so he can infect their brain and control them. Shit
Episode 8-
Daniela definitely killed that guy OR is back with him so he’ll keep quiet. Either way, not good.

These two little boys are adorable. “Nobody’s named Wolfgang!” My thoughts exactly.

See I knew she would kick ass in that prison.

I must admit, I’m really not sure how I feel about these couples that seem to be forming through the connection. I feel like we really don’t need to make this a romance to make it a good show. Why can they not just be friends?

So she’s gonna marry him and he’s not going to help? Poor Daniela. He’s such a dick.

Ok, so now we have our bad guy company. BPO. Sounds sinister. Crime fighting through minds.


Ahhhh. What?? That stabbing was horrific! I was not expecting that.
Episode 9-

Oh shit. Jonas is a bad guy? Is he? I don’t know! Ah!

The comfort that these two are giving each other is amazing. Much better than a lovey dovey romance.

Please don’t kill yourself! What would that do the group?

A lighter? I was shitting myself then.
Right well that’s enough for now. Only a few episodes to go!


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