Sense8 stream of consciousness Episodes 1-4

Welcome to my first TV review post! This is a stream of consciousness review; in other words I wrote as I watched. Whhe I’ve finished the whole series I’ll post a polished review of the whole thing too. This is part one, episodes 1-4. There will be spoilers so please be careful if you don’t want any! You have been warned!!!
Show: Sense8

Channel: Netflix (original series)

Air date: all episodes released on June 5th
Episode one-

The opening was great, dramatic and exciting without giving too much away. I like the interesting spread of characters within the group too. Very happy that we have been granted with strong female characters as well; Netflix is very good for this (OITNB and Kimmy Schmidt excellent examples).

It seems the connection is starting small and will grow as the series continues (from what I’ve seen in the trailers). It’s interesting that sound is the first sense they really connect to each other through as well.

Not much action to speak of; although I did enjoy the robbery storyline we saw. With no real feeling of danger or action, this first episode did feel kinda long but I’m still excited to see more!

Ok I was wrong; last five minutes saw some definite action! Exciting!!! On to episode two…
Episode two-

Looks like we get to see some more romance this episode. And yet another very graphic sex scene, oh Netflix!

Hardly wrote anything down in this one- so much better than the first episode.

I’m loving the characters of the main 8, and it’s great to see them developing already. I also think it’s interested how everyone seems to be pairing off with their powers right now- I hope we begin to get all eight of them together at some point! Best car chase I’ve ever seen and creepy doctors- yes please! On to episode three…
Episode three-

Yay! There’s a creepy little girl somewhere in this confusing but entertaining storyline! Also, this whole locked in a hospital situation is pretty terrifying. Did she just punch through a desk? She is awesome. Turns out she’s even more awesome than that- body sharing and beating up all those guys? Just so awesome. I think she’s my fave character.

Small plot hole though, when the DJ girl threw those drugs in the bin, surely the underground security cams would have picked that up? Ah well. On to episode 4 we go…
Episode 4-

Yep. The connections are definitely getting stronger. A lot of physical swapping seems to be starting. And I am genuinely getting more scared every time I see Nomi in that hospital. It truly is the stuff of nightmares. Also- what happened to Sayeed from Lost? Im assuming he’s the one that’s going to explain what the hell is happening here and he’s nowhere to be found. Oh. There he is. And still he hasn’t told us anything that helpful. Looks like a massive rescue operation is on the horizon though- eep! I’m totally singing along with them all right now… Yay! Martha from Doctor Who saves the day.
Is it just me that can only think of these actors as their previous roles?
As it turns out, 4 episodes at a time is my limit so I’m taking a break for now, might smash in another one or two tonight, get half way through at least. I don’t know how you binge watchers do this!
Verdict so far:

I like it! I’m intrigued, I feel invested in the characters- I care about them. I like the relationships, the strong women (yay!) and the mystery. After four episodes;

*** 3 stars

Let’s see if that goes up as the series goes on!


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