Nihon Gaming – Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is arguably the mother of all RPG games ever. In my opinion it’s only contender for this position (especially with the focus on Japanese games) would be Pokemon; but this came out quite a bit after the first ittarations of FF. 

When I was a kid, I inherited a PlayStation from my older brothers, and along with that came FF 7, FF8, and FF9. These three games will also hold a special place in my heart (ordered 8, 7 then 9 of course; in order of brilliance). I recently inherited a PS3 from the same brother, and with that I gained another chance to play through my favourite games of all time.

Side note: I do also own various Final Fantasy games on both the Nintendo Wii and DS, and while these are fun; I never felt they were able to accurately capture the magic of the worlds and characters created in the originals. 

(Above) all the final fantasy characters;

So I am currently replaying both Final Fanasty 8, and X-II as they were both favourites of mine! We will see how confusing it gets playing two different worlds simultaneously….

If you have never played Final Fantasy before- go now! You can down laid up to FF6 on Mac, and all versions on PC (damn you PC users….*shakes fist*). It is an RPG game and each one is set in a different world, with different characters, story lines and game mechanics. In every version you are able to play as different characters (most of whom you can name yourself!) as you battle against some grand foe; culminating in epic battles and fantastic cut scenes throughout. 

Now, as a youngster, I was never patient enough to stick with these games through to the end. I remember reaching disk 3 of 4 in FF9 but that’s about it! So hopefully; this time I will finish all the games and finally see the epic climaxes and see how they all turn out! (I know; I sound like such a casual…)

I recommend FF to all gamers, young and old;

Go Play!!!


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