Kinki Journal – Christmas Adventures! **Part One**

Christmas was epic this year. Japan really knows how to do special occasions. Because I had only arrived a few months before, it seemed too early to be flying home, and so Christopher and I spent Christmas running around Japan like the idiots we are!

Christmas Party!

Before everyone went off on their winter adventures, Christopher hosted a party for everyone to exchange presents. We all just bought each other cheap, silly presents and had a good laugh opening them all.

10608589_10153033766505572_1494667104603148816_o 10869891_10153033766450572_6933826761128109383_o


Then it was time to start our Christmas holidays, and off we went to Tokyo! We took the bullet train there which was pretty awesome. These trains go super fast (hence the name) and are kind of like travelling by plane without all the fuss and commotion. I also got to see Mt.Fuji on the journey, so that was pretty cool – can’t wait to climb that this year!!!  The journey was pretty quick and easy, and when we arrived in Shibuya, someone came to meet us and take us to the apartment we were renting there. The apartment was really nice, and in a great location which made our travels much easier. And boy did we travel!! We had an amazing time, and it was pretty jam-packed!

Square Enix Cafe

Geek heaven. We visited the Square Enix cafe in Shinjuku. There are loads of theme cafes around Japan, this one was based around Square’s two most popular franchises – Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy! FF has always been one of my favourite games so I was so excited to go here. They had loads of plushies and other random things you could buy there – I bought a chocobo (of course) and they had a room with this in it….


Which was stunning, and the lighting effects made it look as though the water was flowing upwards (just like the game!!!). Sadly, we went during the day and they don’t serve alcohol until a certain time, so we couldn’t try the cocktails we wanted :(. But, the food and drink we did have was amazing:

10496954_10153051483550572_6757328864352126344_o 10521305_10153051486505572_1051961173637859368_o 10626232_10153051484660572_5100492132389805950_o 10862529_10153051486055572_4349488685003111976_o

Ueno Zoo

Animals once again (what else?)!! This zoo had panda’s and when we arrived, it was feeding time (!) so, I got to see the pandas eating their bamboo!! This zoo was actually pretty good all round. I had been to Kyoto zoo a few months before (Click here to read more! ), and it was a little depressing. Ueno zoo was a lot better!! All the animals seemed to have more space, and were much happier (I think). They had all the usual animals here, as well as having Polar bears – which I got to see really up close and personal; amazing! We also did this:


Then we found this place:


(If you don’t understand, you’re missing out)

Fishing for our dinner!

Christmas Eve, and many of you were snuggling up at home with your family, or maybe rocking the town centre with WKDs and beers. I, well, I was fishing for my dinner in Tokyo. This place was amazing and I made a video thing so check it out:-


Ok. Now we’re getting to the really good stuff. Christmas Day was celebrated in a lovely little Izakaya in Utsunomiya, Tokyo. The food here was AMAZING, seriously delicious. We had the BBQ and the gyoza. Utsunomiya is actually famous for it Gyoza, and even (apparently) has statues of Gyoza in the town! So yeh, look at the delicious food:

10750383_10153056910160572_353160395491859198_o 10838094_10153056910755572_8432659155015059618_o

And there was something else about this place I haven’t mentioned yet…. What was it….Hmmmm….. oh yeh: MONKEYS!!!!!




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