Kinki Journal – Winter 2014

First, let me apologise for the overwhelming delay in posting this update but I have been a busy little gaijin these past few months! So, without any further delay; lets get into this…


So, if anywhere knows how to do Halloween right- its Japan! This country is crazy at the best of times, and halloween is no exception! There is a place in Osaka called Amemura, and this is where everyone was meeting for drunken costume times! I had decided I was going to be all creative and make my own awesome costume this year – and I decided I was going to be a Moogle! (Its from Final Fantasy, and if you don’t know what it is – go home). But, my inferior textile skills made this impossible, and my efforts were quickly tossed aside in favour of just making myself look super scary. The result?


That’s from two different nights because we went out the weekend before and the weekend of halloween 🙂 Cause we’re awesome. I must say though, as awesome as I felt my make up was, my costume was dwarfed by this guys awesomeness…


Also, this is undoubtedly my favourite picture of the two of us ever taken.

Kyoto Zoo

So, as many of you know, both my brother and I are obsessed with animal related activities and days out, so a trip to the zoo sounded like the perfect day out! And, we were semi-right. As with many zoo’s I have been to outside of England, it was a little depressing. I think there are different laws and regulations in Asia than we have in Europe and I often feel the animals don’t have enough space in their enclosures. But, Kyoto Zoo is currently undergoing some renovations to improve a lot of the big enclosures which made me happier 🙂 We also got to hold and play with guniea pigs, so I pretty much loved the place. And they had penguins!

Scavenger Hunt!!

Next up was the infamous, Osaka Annual Scavenger Hunt! I had seen pictures from previous years and I was ridiculously excited to join in this time! Our team was made up of myself, Christopher, Max and Kayako. Now, we needed a good team name, and because it was nearly Christmas, and we had Chris and Max on our team… “Its beginning to look a lot like ChrisMax” was born. And we all wore Christmas jumpers too, as we needed a costume.

The scavenger hunt is a list of photographs and videos that your team has to take in and around Osaka. Some examples:

Team member attacking Japanese strangers as Godzilla


Whole team doing Glico Man in front of Glico Man


Team member changes gender


Each picture scored you points, and all the teams met back up at a Pizza place at the end to tot up the scores. I was feeling quietly confident that we had done well. Until I realised that a few of the teams had actually done the unthinkable, and climbed into the river for an extra 20 points. We still did respectably though and I think we came in around 4th or 5th!

So that was winter!!


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