Kinki Journal – Osaka Castle

Christopher and I decided to go to Osaka Castle today as its not very far away, and its free to walk around the grounds. But, when we got there, there was a big ass J-pop festival going on in the grounds, which meant parts of it were closed off. It was also a really nice sunny Sunday, so combine that with the festival and you have a hell of a lot of people in this one place.

We did see this really cool exhibit though, about samurai. They even have an area where you can hire a costume to wear! Sadly, the exhibition was still being built (although it took us a long time to figure this out…). So, we decided to come back another day with less people, and a samurai exhibition!

Oh, and also; I got to have a picture with a bird of prey. Super random but awesome!


Since Osaka castle was a bit of a bust, we decided to take the aqua bus back to Yodogawa to get the train to Christopher’s. The aqua bus was good fun. Its basically just a boat that takes you to one of three places (yodogawa being the closest), so nothing fancy. But, what was cool was the fact that the seats were really low down, so out the window it really looked like you were just gliding on the water.

When we got back to Kyoto, we decided to seek out this restaurant Christopher had seen to try some green tea beer!! It was a really weird tasting drink, check out my video below to hear more about that!


Then, we went to find somewhere to eat dinner, and as we were walking, we went past a Spanish restaurant that we just and to stop at – it smelled so good! We ended up eating having an individual paella, and all the staff spoke Spanish/ English, so all of a sudden it felt like we were on holiday. Think we might bring Mum and Dad here when they come to visit next year.

Of course, when we got back to Christopher’s; it was x factor time! Its a Sunday tradition now!


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