Learning Japanese (I really think so)….

I am doing my best to attempt to learn some Japanese before I get out there, reading and speaking anyways. And, hopefully I’ll be able to keep on learning when I get there. Many people say that the easiest way to learn is by being immersed in the language – which can be kinda difficult when you’re not even there! BUT I have managed to find a few very good apps for my iPhone that are helping me get some form of a head start on things right now.


The first, and most effective of these apps is Dr.Moku’s Hiragana/ Katakana. This is an app that teaches you how to read these two Japanese alphabets. It is split into two separate apps; one for Hiragana and one for Katakana, but they both operate in the same way. It creates a pneumonic for each of the symbols by turning them into little pictures, which helps you remember them in the long run. For example….

iphone con dr moku

I managed to learn how to read Hiragana (with modifications) in 3 days of random gameplay. So this app definitely worked for me!!

Available on the App store, Google Play and at http://www.drmoku.com



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